You Need A Time Out!

Twisted Bunny

You need a time out!  Both of you!  Together!

We are all aware how when little ones misbehave, a popular punishment is called a time out. To children, this can be the worse thing ever! They can totally freak out!  Being separated or punished can seem like torture!  

But as you grow older, things change.  Taking a time out can be the opposite and even feel luxurious.  It is a time to decompress, to de-stress, to rest and relax.  Give yourself permission to breathe again and let the cares of life slip away if only for a little while.  

You are allowed to have fun again.  Leave the kids with a sitter while you go out and be kids yourselves for an afternoon or evening.

Look at it this way.  Your relationship needs attention to keep it strong, loving, thoughtful, affectionate, happy and fun. If this doesn’t happen, the foundation you created when you first came together begins to crack and eventually crumble. Remember that your relationship keeps your family strong and united.

Taking a time out is not just for a fun time out with no kids. It is about spending time together so you can focus only on each other. Too many couples get caught up in the day to day and forget to give each other love and attention.  Often their focus is on the children, their jobs and paying the bills.

Taking a time out does not have to cost a lot of money. It can be as simple as going for a walk down along the harbour front and popping into a cafe like Two if By Sea for a coffee and trying to fight the temptation to buy their weekly croissant special. You could decide one evening to go on a leisurely walk on the lantern lit boardwalk along the harbour and then enjoy a romantic setting and a glass of wine at the Obladee wine bar.  Or try enjoying a stroll through the Halifax Public Gardens and enjoy the tulips in all their splendor this spring or the walk along the relaxing wooded lanes at Point Pleasant Park and stop to have a picnic.  

There are so many wonderful spots to enjoy in Halifax Hrm.  Take time to discover new restaurants and tourist attractions.  We decided to take an afternoon and go to Pier 21 after over 20 years telling each other we would go. We had a great time and then went to the Halifax Farmers Market. Did you know that you can go up and see the “green” roof with all its colors and design and also enjoy the amazing view of Halifax harbour? You can sit and relax together with your coffee and treats from the market below! That is well worth the (free) admission!

If you are into outdoor adventure, try walking some of our wonderful trails around Halifax & HRM. The St. Margaret’s Bay Rails to Trails is open year round where you can cross country ski, nordic walking, biking, etc with a parking lot, cell service and picnic tables (there is also a great cafe along the trail).  Look up and check out all the many exciting trails to discover.

If you are not into the outdoors, consider a day at a spa together, a night at a local hotel with a pool and hot tub or just a drive along the shore.  The act of getting away alone to spend some quality time enjoying each other’s company and not talking about schedules and bills can be like a mini-vacation.  Focus on each other and let the other stuff go away for a little while.  Remember you love each other so just enjoy being together.

Taking a time out every so often just for the two of you can make all the difference in your relationship.  Life is hectic and stressful, give yourselves a time out and have some fun! You deserve it!

Life is good together!

 Marriage Wins 101  

Founder Debra Hillier