To Go Fast Fresh Food New Hours

To Go Formerly Pete's To Go

To Go Formerly Pete’s To Go

Pete’s To Go Go at 1801 Hollis always primarily catered to the office crowd, so their hours reflected that. Recently they came under new ownership, and are in the process of developing a new brand. The new name is “To Go – Fast Fresh Food”.

Part of the rebrand at To Go is to try opening on Saturday, to see if they can attract a different crowd. To me, this seems like an obvious idea, after all, their address if officially Hollis, but they are on the Lower Water Street side of the building, right across from the ferry terminal. Saturday during the summer that place is teaming with people, and I can’t count the number of times I’ve walked past and thought “I should stop in there for a quick bite, oh wait, it’s closed.”

So, next time you are in the vicinity on a Saturday (between nine and four) pop your head in and grab a snack to sustain you on your wanderings.