The Hangover Breakfast – Ma Belle’s Tea Room

Twisted Bunny

Ma Belle’s is a cosy kind of place. Located on Ochterloney in Dartmouth it’s a pretty quick trip from Downtown. A few years back I lived in Downtown Dartmouth and Ma Belle’s was my main place to go for breakfast. I haven’t been there for a number of years, and I was looking forward to it. Barry, Vu, and I hit it up.

The waitress spotted us within seconds of our entering the building, and she told us we might need to wait fifteen minutes or so since the place was very busy. About a minute and a half later we were seated.

We all go the coffee. Now, I’ve noticed a weird thing – most places either make good coffee or good food. Ma Belle’s is a place I’ve always had tea in the past, because it’s technically a tea room, and they make great tea. This time I really wanted coffee. Turns out Ma Belle’s is an exception to the rule. The coffee is great, and while I will get into the food later, it’s consistent.

The place is charming. It’s British themed and has a lot of themed art on the walls. There are knick-knacks all over the place. The staff are very friendly and professional.

On to the food. I had the big breakfast – they have changed it since the last time I ate there.  Not much, and I get why they did… but I did miss the slice of tomato. However what was there was amazing. There were baked beans, two eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns. There was also toast with homemade jam. The multigrain bread (baked by them) is amazing, and the jam is also incredible.

They do deserts as well. Not part of the breakfast, but damn do they make a tasty pie!

Long story short, got to Ma Belle’s. Brunch is served until two on the weekend.