Texting Your Sweetie

A Long Walk

Texting your Sweetie for RadioHFXWe are all living with our phones within arm’s length these days.  We can’t seem to do anything without knowing exactly where our phone is located.  We seem to be more attached to our phones at times than our in-person relationships.  We can be sitting right across from each other and find it hard to fight the need to pick up our phone and check to see if someone has texted us or sent us a cute emoji or updated their Facebook page. Yet the one we love is right in front of us.  How have we come to the place where face to face conversation has become so difficult and we struggle to speak to each other from our heart?  Have you ever been to a gathering where there are a few people together and the conversation quickly turns to our phones and funny things we read or posts that we like and before you know it people are pulling out their phones just to show each other something?  Society has become very involved with our phones. I don’t think many would doubt that statement.

So with all that said, what do you text your Sweetheart?  What are you saying to them on your phone?  Are you using your phone to encourage them through their day?  Do you praise them for a job well done?  When was the last time you sent a text to your husband or wife for not the specific purpose but to let them know you are thinking about them? Such as:  “Hi Sweetie Hope you are having a great day. Just checking in! I love you!”  OR “Hey Babe!  Sure enjoyed last evening Let’s do that again soon!”

Texting your spouse is good for more than sending a grocery list, or telling them to pick up the kids.  Texting your Sweetie can be an opportunity to show them that they are on your mind throughout the day.  It is a great opportunity to encourage them when you know they are having a tough time. It is an easy way to praise them for things they have done or for qualities that you admire and appreciate.  Texting loving words can make your spouse’s day go from bad to great.

Texting can also be affectionate, loving and sexy.

Texts speaking words of love, praise, encouragement, affectionate and flirty can create a better greeting at the door when you or they come home at the end of the day!

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