There are couples who are married within the home but acting as if they are single outside the home. They socialize outside the home separately but never together.
They each have their own set of friends and activities but never come together to publicly socialize as a couple.
This behavior is dysfunctional and unhealthy for the marriage.
It can also allow opportunities for the interference of other people.

From a distance, you may think there is nothing wrong with each person in a marriage having their own social life completely separate from each other but I tell you it is a very dangerous practice that will often lead to the demise of the marriage.
If the only time you are a couple is within your home then it is easy to act like a single person outside the home and it will only be a matter of time before the marriage ends.

Don’t fool yourself and think you and your partner are beyond the dangers. If you cannot be a couple outside the home then your marriage is already in danger.
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