Seasons Change in Life

A Long Walk

Just like nature changes around us with the seasons, we also grow and change with the seasons of our life.
You are not the person you were in high school, you are not the person you were in college, you are not the person you were when you had your first child or your first real career job.

We change and evolve. The person you married is different now than he or she was on your wedding day.
So as we grow and evolve so must our relationship grow and evolve.

You need to adjust, compromise and be supportive of each other as we go through the “growing pains”. There is no “how to” book about you.
So you make mistakes and try different things, different ideas and so so they.
So be supportive of each other as you feel your way through life. Remember, this is just a season.
Seasons change.

So hold onto each other secure in the bond of your loving relationship.
Some seasons are hard but others are really good.
Hold on! Remind yourself that…The Good is Coming!
Life is good together!

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