Pop Explosion Last Day


Yukon BlondeYukon Blonde. I wasn’t that excited for them, I mean I have liked what I heard on the radio but wasn’t blown away. It was good, but not amazing. There are bands that are much better live than on the radio. Some of them are even bands I dislike on the radio, and Yukon Blonde is one I like alright, but they are a great deal better live. If you love them on the radio, they will blow you away live. If you like them okay on the radio, they will blow you away even more live. Even if you don’t like them on the radio, you have a good chance of liking them live. They are a very, very good band.

Rural Alberta Advantage was okay. They didn’t stand out to me, but competent and decent music. I feel like I could have heard very similar music at a lot of other gigs. Kind of folky rock music.

Patrick Watson was not my thing. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would love this artist; however, I’m not that person. This is not a slam him, and there were points in my life where I could see liking him and his band.

Clairmont the SecondAfter the Forum I headed over to The Marquee. I caught two acts there. The first of the two was Clairmont the Second. He was very, very high energy, a constant blur of motion. His rap was good; he was fun and entertaining. He made it into the crowd a couple of times. His flow was good. No complaints.

Tasha the AmazonTasha the Amazon. She’s going to blow up. This girl has been described as the future of rap, and I think that’s got some truth to it. She’s so high energy; she interacts with the crowd so very, very well. She had a bottle of vodka on stage with her and was pouring it into the mouths of people in the crowd.

Finally, I hit Reflections Cabaret to close out the night. It was not great. Got there for DJ DouvetĀ and was a bit disappointed.

So, that was HFXPop explosion. I will have a much bigger piece coming out, that’s more of an overview, as well as a short interview with Bri from FRIGS.

One important point, all the photos I included in the series so far were taken with my cell phone. There was a photographer with me, and he took amazing shots. I don’t have them yet (he’s still doing post work on them). I will be doing posts where I highlight those images as soon as I get them.