Once Upon a Fairytale – Chapter 2

Twisted Bunny

The Halifax geek community has a new event coming up… well, technically it’s a repeat of an event. Once Upon a Fairytale is having a second year. Instead of me talking a lot about it I’m going to include their text – I will be doing a feature on it after it completes. Without further ado….

“Saturday June 24th 10am to 6pm
Sunday June 25th 10am to 6pm
ADMISSION – General Admission $5.00
Children- 6 and under FREE

If you LOVE ♥…
Magical Creatures, Medieval Villages, Enchanted Fairy Courts,
Dark elves, Harry Potter, Ancient and Modern day fairytales… JOIN US for lots of fun 🙂
A MiniRenfest with a Magical Twist!
Explore our medieval village and watch knights at play! Wear a costume to the show and you might get a random hall gift!
Enjoy a Fairytale Tea in the Cheshire Cats Domain,
meet the Dark Queen who may have something for you! Visit Nocturne Alley for all your magical devices and goods, then take them along to our classrooms for aspiring wizards, mages,witches and others!

Alice in Wonderland Themed Tea Party

Eventbrite Tea Tickets go on sale June 5th link above , limited seating!
Includes sparkling conversation with the Mad Hatter himself, and stolen TARTS…lets hope the Queen doesnt show up!
Blended teas supplied by Sense and SensibiliTea

PETER PAN AND THE PIRATES ALERT….the battle continues!!
Mermaids beware!!! SUNDAY!

Fairytales, Fables, Magic ,Myth and Whimsy, come explore the hidden realm!
Talks like “The Wand Picks the Wizard”….
“Herbology-Mandrake Lore”,
” Magical Creatures”…and more!
Additional info on the DISCUSSION page as we go along.
Stay tuned!
This is a Family event!
Various clubs and charities will be there. :)”

So, head on over to the Forum and have fun!