Introducing the Team


This is my first post as editor in chief of HalifaxHRM, a position I’m very proud to be filling. I wanted to introduce myself and the team. Right now it’s mostly four of us putting this thing together although we are getting a lot of help from a lot of other people.

First, let’s talk about Derek. Derek “Spilly” Spillner is our publisher/the brains behind the operation. He’s been involved in DJ culture since the mid-nineties (look for a feature on coming in the near future). Derek is also the owner of Avante-Garde Security.

There’s also our Artistic Director, Barry Leavitt. Barry had been involved with both IT and Graphic Design for many many years and is a graduate of DaVinci College in Halifax. He was part of the music scene in Winnipeg for many years prior to making the move to the East Coast. His dedication to this city is part of what is driving the creation of our magazine.

Daniella is not just a designer, she’s also the glue that holds the whole thing together. Organized, smart, and talented, without Daniella there are a million tasks every day that just won’t get done. Daniella is an adventurer and world traveler.

Finally, I’m Traverse, an IT guy/second-generation writer. I have written one novel, a whole lot of articles, and had a regular tech column in Lifestyle Nova Scotia magazine and its sister publications. When I’m not doing this I’m usually writing code or fiction. Currently working on my second novel.

Over the next little while,¬†expect this site to grow by leaps and bounds as we explore the best of what makes Halifax a great place to live. We will be talking to musicians, DJ’s, writers, artists, and everyone else who brings life and culture to our city. We will be going to restaurants and clubs so we can tell you which ones we found amazing, and which ones didn’t quite make the grade.