Halifax Pop Explosion Day 3

A Long Walk

I caught a lot more bands last night. It was a bit of a whirlwind, and I was there until around 2 AM. I started the night out at the Forum but didn’t catch any acts. I did, however, catch a free grilled cheese sandwich at the Canadian Dairy Farmers booth. It was delicious.


We headed to the Marquee pretty quickly and caught Strongboy. They were pretty good, a bit of a shoegaze mixed with old school indie music vibe. I enjoyed them.

Taylor KnoxDownstairs at the Seahorse, I caught a little bit of Taylor Knox. Sixties kind of rock and roll. Not my thing, but he’s a good performer. I also got to see a technical issue, and how incredible the HFXpop explosion was at fixing it.

Tanika CharlesAfter that, I caught Tanika Charles at the forum, and it was great. She’s a fantastic performer with incredible energy and a talent for telling stories as she performs. It was a lot of fun, a great vibe.

Lee FieldsAfter that was a performance by the legendary Lee Fields. Old school soul music straight from the sixties. Lee is a consummate showman and embodies that Motown feel, even now. There’s no way to describe it other than that he’s brilliant.


AquakultureAfter him, the photographer and I headed to the Marquee for Aquakulture and the Budi Big Band. I can’t remember the last time I saw a band work harder, well, except for maybe Lee Fields. Another great show.

FRIGSAfter that, we headed to Gus’s pub and caught a couple more shows. The first was FRIGS. They are a Toronto based band with a much harder style than any of the others I’ve seen over the course of HFXPop Explosion so far. The official bio on the Pop Explosion site lists them as having a Sonic Youth vibe mixed with PJ Harvey. I think the comparison is accurate. PJ Harvey happens to be one of my long-term favourite musicians, and I was a big Sonic Youth fan back in the nineties, and still listen to them now. FRIGS is going to be on my list of music I listen to on a regular basis. I got a chance to interview Brea from FRIGS briefly after their set. She was personable, funny, charming. Might be the high point of the whole event for me.

Finally, I caught the second show from The Courtney’s. Great music and a lot of fun live. They were utterly engaging in a strange, nerdy sort of way. I described their sound yesterday, and that still stands. They are another band that has been added to my regular listening lineup. FRIGS might be more my style, but The Courtney’s are also great music.