Twisted Bunny

This video was shot in Super 8 motion picture film.

Modr’n World Thang consisted of Jorun & J.R.O.C. (Just Respect Our Culture) and joined forces in 1985 and called themselves “DOWN BY LAW” making demos and playing them on college radio CKDU and Backstreets Amusements (Video arcade) they got discovered by DTK records owner Peter Rowan while hearing their demo being played at the video arcade. In 1990 they commercially released their EP “Faith in Our Music” under the new name “Mod’rn world Thang” and released a video on Much Music in 1993 titled “Incognito” and got offered a record deal by Johnbronski (of Muchmusic) who ran his own label “Boomtang records” out of Toronto. MWT disbanded shortly after and Jorun Bombay went to form Haltown Projex and change the face of Halifax by introducing the scene to such acts like Buck 65, Hip Club Groove, Sixtoo, Classified and many more well known acts from Halifax thru his compilations titles “Haltown Meltdown”

To those who live in Halifax, if you look closely in the intro of the video, you will notice buildings across the street from Parade Square which are now non-exsistant. Also a quick shot of the Derby club & the laundrymat next door to it before it got changed to the Marquee Club on Gottingen st.