Feel Good Fridays and an Excerpt

Twisted Bunny

DJ IV is doing Feel Good Fridays at Ref’s. You should go check it out! Ref’s is always a good time, and the dancing goes late.

We actually caught up with DJ IV and did an interview with him recently, it will be in the first issue of the magazine. For now here’s a quick preview:

HM: What got you started?

IV: I was always into music, I was in a band for 4 years before I ever stumbled onto DJ’ing. My band was breaking up, it was the summer of 99 and my band was breaking up. My drummer broke his wrists and his mom got moved. She was in the military, so she got transferred to another place so they moved away. We tried a couple of other drummers but it just didn’t really work out. I was volunteering at a place called the crash cafe. It was the summer that changed my life. Before that, I was into skateboarding, I was in an alternative rock band, you know, I was into grunge. Still liked hip-hop, I was into other kinds of music, but that was the main thing, alternative rock. Loved being in a band, loved being on stage had a blast for four years playing with these people, three or four guys. We didn’t make any huge noise anywhere outside of Halifax but we played the Pavillion, we played Cafe Ole right before it closed. You know, we recorded a few songs and that was all new to us so the band thing was great then the summer of 99, the Crash Cafe, they were having raves. It was an indoor skate park/youth centre during the day and on the weekend they would rent it out for raves.