Cafe Culture is Coming Back

Twisted Bunny

I’m sitting in the Sad Goat espresso bar on Spring Garden Rd. right now, enjoying a cappuccino. It’s a great cappuccino. Yesterday I had a meeting at Pavia, also on Spring Garden, and another excellent cappuccino.

When I was a teenager you couldn’t go a block without hitting a source of espresso based drinks, then for a while it was all about Starbucks. Not putting the chain down, but it isn’t exactly local. Now, I’m finding that the cafĂ© is back with a vengeance. Seems like they are everywhere on Spring Garden, and on Quinpool, our two main food and retail drags on the peninsula. Heck, they’ve even started to infiltrate Gottingen St.

I’m a huge caffeine addict, and not a huge Starbucks fan, so it’s great for me, and I think having those spaces is great for Halifax as well.