Bring on the Food Trucks

Twisted Bunny
People and food trucks

There were a lot of people at the food truck opening party

The Halifax Museum of Natural History parking lot is packed. Filled to the brim. The food trucks are here, and Halifax is out in force. Now, it’s not that warm… I’m regretting not bringing a heavier jacket, but the smells wafting through the air are amazing.

I wander through, snapping pics as best I can, but the sheer number of people in this parking lot make it challenging. Every move I take, I have to shoulder my way through people. I decide that the way to go is old school donuts, I’m not really that hungry, but those things are so good. So, I start making my way through to the back of the line. I spot a point where it looks like the line ends and I step into that spot. Barry shows up, having been defeated by the lines. He’s ready to go, but I’m a stubborn idiot sometimes, and I’m ready to wait. After a few minutes, a polite young man standing just slightly off of the line points out that, no, he’s not just slightly off of the line, he’s in the line, and so are the dozens of people behind him. So, I step out of line and make my way elsewhere. I can’t wait through that line even for Old School Donuts. I move up to the museum steps and start snapping more pictures.

More people, more trucks

I never even got near Old School Donuts

What makes the food trucks so popular? Well, we are a bit starved for things to do this time of year. Also, the food is good, it’s outdoors among the people, and we like to have something different happen. It’s also a chance to meet and greet, to see people we haven’t run into in a very long time. It also means supper. Plus, of course, Old School Donuts…

In the end, neither Barry or I got food at the food truck party. I took pictures and then we headed off to Darryl’s to grab a burger. Still, it was fun and I will be making up for it at many of the individual food trucks over the rest of the season.