A Quick Preview


Right now we are finalizing the contents of the first issue of HalifaxHRM Magazine. Not everything is set in stone, but in general, inside the issue, you will find:


Fresh Meat: A profile of an up and coming DJor musician (or band). In this issue, it will be Mz Intrntnl

The Great Masters: A profile of an established DJ or musician (or band). DJ IV is our feature this time

Tales from the Darkside: A write up of a business in Dartmouth

The Hangover Breakfast: Reviews of good places to eat when you are recovering from the night before

The Marriage Coach: Relationship advice from an expert on the subject

Feature Stories:

CyberDJ’s – The history of one of the great projects of the early Internet, now making a comeback

The State of Geek – A quick overview of geek culture in Halifax

There will be other bits and pieces, including one other feature that we aren’t quite ready to reveal yet.